Rental Properties Ghostly Occurences

Rental Properties Ghostly Occurences


Over the last few years, we have seen the rise of “ghosting” in rental properties, due to the appeal of candles and wax welts.

Ghosting is dark streaks on walls and ceilings, which grow darker, developing along wall studs or ceiling rafters, forming an outline of the buildings framing.

Ghosting is caused by the slow build up of air-borne dust, dirt and soot particulars which adhere to cold spots in the property. The burning of candles, particularly scented or jar candles and incense are contributing factors as these give off soot which is comprised of tiny carbon particles which deposit around the property.

To remove ghosting, the areas need to the cleaned, primed, and repainted.

It is possible to burn candles indoors without causing soot, however there are things which you should avoid and certain things which you should ensure.

Avoid burning candles which have any of the following:

• Candles that have been poured into glass jars/containers
• Scented candles
• Candles that burn with an erratic flame or that emit visible soot from a high flame
• Candles that are imported made from paraffin wax and soft wax candles
• Candles with thick wicks
• Candles with wicks that burn unevenly
• Burning candles in an air draft

Following the recommendations below will help you to burn candles indoors
lessening the risk of soot damage and costly deductions from your deposit.

• Burn candles with hard wax
• Opt for candles with a thin, braided wick that curls when burned
• Look for low, even flames when burning
• Look for a wick that burns down evenly with the candle
• Trim the wick to 1/4” each time before burning
• Extinguish candles after one hour of continuous burning then allow to completely cool before relighting
• Burn candles away from drafts but in a well-ventilated area
• Discontinue using candles that leave soot marks/rings on their containers

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