Privilege Card Court Offer

Privilege Card Court Offer

Back by popular demand, Macleod & MacCallum’s Court Department are offering new and existing Privilege Card-holders the exclusive opportunity of fixed-fee initial advice for legal disputes including the following types of work:

◦Family and Child Law
◦Employment Law
◦Injury/accident claims
◦Business disputes
◦Breach of contract
◦Consumer issues
◦Boundary disputes
◦Landlord / Tenant disputes
◦Debt recovery

What do you get?

Half an hour with a solicitor, who will listen to your problem and provide you with,

(a) preliminary advice on your case;

(b) an estimate for any further work that may be required; and

(c) the option of taking the case forward with Macleod and MacCallum or guidance on where else you might go to take the matter forward.

What will it cost?

We charge £50 plus VAT (total £60) payable at the end of the meeting.

What do we ask of you?

Call us to arrange a meeting, quoting “privilege card”.

Bring one form of photographic identification (preferably a passport or driving license)

Bring one form of address identification (preferably a recent Bank Statement or Utility Bill)

Bring any paperwork relevant to your case (but bear in mind we only have half an hour).

Bring a means of making payment of the £60 fee (by cash, cheque or bank card).

Tell your friends!

The only conditions we place on entitlement to claim this offer are that you must be a new or existing privilege card holder and the legal problem is not one you have asked us about previously. If you know someone who would benefit from this offer, but who does not have a privilege card, please direct them to our privilege card sign up form.

May 12, 2015

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