Pavement Parking no more – from 1st February

Did you know that pavement parking is an offence in Scotland?

The Transport (Scotland) Act 2019 created an offence in Scotland for pavement parking, parking at some dropped kerbs and double-parking, and the right to impose penalty charge notices applied from 11th December 2023.  After allowing a period of notice, the Highland Council have confirmed that they will be enforcing these new laws from 1st February 2024.

The aims of the new laws are to improve accessibility, particularly for vulnerable users such as wheelchair users and those with limited mobility.  It allows pedestrians and those with prams or buggies to use pavements and dropped kerbs without being blocked or hindered by parked vehicles.

Under the new laws, anyone caught pavement parking etc can face a £100 fine.

The ban on pavement parking extends to parking on road verges which lie between roads and pavements. The ban on parking at dropped kerbs only applies to those installed for pedestrian or cycle use – these new rules do not apply to parking at dropped kerbs at driveways or property entrances, although it is surely common courtesy to avoid blocking these areas.

There are a limited number of exceptions to the new laws:

– emergency services and medical practitioners in emergency situations
– to allow for certain deliveries and collections with certain conditions eg only if the vehicle is unable to wait on the road, and the vehicle must leave at least 1.5m of pavement width for pedestrians to pass
– vehicles used to do works on roads or for the removal of obstructions.

These exceptions are only valid if the specific criteria are met and if there is no other reasonable parking available.

Please be aware of the new laws effective from 1st February 2024, avoid inconveniencing others and avoid a £100 fine!

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