Monthly House Price Statistics


The Registers of Scotland (RoS) have just released the monthly house price stats for November 2017. This continues the regular publication of house price statistics by RoS on a monthly basis since April 2003.

The stats for November 2017 show the total value of residential property sales in Scotland was £1,681,355,679, with an average sale price of £175,892. This shows a slight increase in the average house price from October (£173,050), although the total number of sales in November dropped from 9,819 (October) to 9,559.

Closer to home, the average residential sale price in November for the Highland region was £184,056, exceeding the national average.

The total value of residential property sold in the Highland region in November 2017 was £71,229,520. This represents a drop on October, and a reduction on November 2016, but this figure does still represent the second highest total value for residential property sales in the Highlands for the month of November, in the last 10 years. With the exception of 2016, you would have to trace back to November 2007 to see more residential property being sold in the Highland region, and so the position remains relatively healthy.

Full details of the Registers of Scotland monthly house price statistics can be found at

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