How many Solicitors are there in Scotland? – Too many?


The Law Society of Scotland’s most recent membership statistics showed that the number of practising solicitors has reached an all-time high, of 11,000. There are now around 20 practising solicitors per 10,000 Scottish citizens, or one solicitor for every 500 Scots!

The average age of entry into the legal profession is now 26, with the statistics showing an increasingly youthful profession, with 56% of solicitors now under the age of 45 (some of them only for a few more months!).

Of the under 45 year old solicitors, 61% of these are women and of course 39% of these are men, despite the fact that a large number of people may believe that a good number of solicitors are not in fact human.

 This shows the increasing number of woman entering the profession, and 69% of all female solicitors are currently under 45 years old, compared to 43% of all male solicitors.

 Based on these figures, it is certainly a changing, and I would suggest modernising, legal profession.

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