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Macleod & MacCallum – Highland Employment Law

Settlement Agreements – Redundancy

Ove the last few years, there has been a noticeable increase in the use of Settlement Agreements (formerly compromise agreements), when an employment relationship is coming to an end. Unfortunately, as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme starts to wind down, we are likely to see a further spike in their use. Inverness and the Highlands will likely be no exception, with redundancies (including voluntary) potentially already in prospect.

From the employer perspective, settlement agreements are useful as they give comfort that no claims will be brought following employment ending. However, from the employee side, it is important that a proper assessment is made of the facts and circumstances involved. This is the very reason why there is a strict requirement that employee’s obtain specialist legal advice before signing such an agreement. Under the current circumstances this will, of course, include any relevant background concerning the Job Retention Scheme (and associated Furlough).

Macleod & MacCallum’s employment team offer expert advice to employees during what can be a sensitive time. The specialist experience we can offer means a person’s rights can be properly assessed and any proposal considered accordingly. While such advice may not always result in significant changes, at least the client will know that matters have been fully reviewed. Some settlement agreement cases are straightforward (and this might include certain redundancy situations), with little or no detailed advice needed… However, why take the risk? You should be sure to seek advice from an employment law specialist who is properly equipped to advise you.

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