5 Ways to

5 Ways to get your property ready for a Viewing

When having people come to view your house you want to make your house look the best as you can and make a positive impression on the potential buyer.

1.  Remove Pets from your house prior to the potential buyer coming.
A lot of people have phobias of cats or dogs – as well as allergies to them. You do not want to turn the viewer away from your house by having pets around. You also want to clean away any evidence of pet hair and smell in the house.

2.  Make them feel welcome
You do not want the potential buyers feeling awkward or uncomfortable in your home. If they do, then this will potentially turn them against putting an offer in for your property. Make your home feel welcoming and homely. Let in natural daylight through your house and make sure it is a comfortable temperature throughout.

3.  The Exterior
You must remember that it is not just the inside of the house that your potential buyers are there to look at. The garden and exterior of your house plays an equally important part, especially the front as this is the first area they will see before entering the property. Make sure the area is neat, clean and tidy. Most importantly it must look welcoming. You should also take into consideration that potential buyers may drive around your property before their actual viewing day.

4.  Throw away your clutter!
As tempting as it may be – you should try and steer away from throwing your clutter into any cupboards or storage space that you may find around your house. It is possible that people viewing your property will have a look into these storage spaces. You also do not want to leave clutter lying around to make the rooms look untidy and smaller.

5.  Make sure your home is clean
Finally, and most importantly, you must remember to do all your regular house work duties before the viewing. Make sure it is hoovered and dusted. Ensure your kitchen and bathroom are sparkling clean!

Maybe you don’t even have your property on the market yet.  If you want more details on how to do this then please contact us on 01463  235559  or email one of our experienced property sales negotiators.




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