Euro 2016 for Employers

Euro 2016 for employers: How to play it!

From 10th June, your workplace may be rife with “football chat” as Euro 2016 gets underway. Then it’s Wimbledon, the Rio Olympics and on and on it goes. There are many ways in which a savvy employer can harness the energy of such events and prevent an own goal.

Some businesses may wish to give consideration to absence management and disciplinary procedures and think about flexible working time requests, as avid fans seek to watch their favourite sportsmen and women. Potential pitfalls can lie ahead if some employees feel discriminated against when a last minute holiday request is refused and another’s is granted.

Plan ahead – Consistency

Like any good manager knows, preparation is vital to success and consistency key. Inviting employees to engage in a firm-wide event such as a sweepstake or match screening can be used to boost morale. It can also serve as a reminder that sickness and absence policies remain fully operational, disciplinary procedures will be strictly implemented and set out any guidelines for last minute holiday requests.

Employers should be mindful that, in the event of the unexpected success of certain teams and individuals, last minute requests may come flooding in and fairness is paramount. Best practice may be to state that this will be subject to the employer’s holiday policies, departmental needs and allocated on a first come first served basis.

When a request has been declined and the employee then calls in sick, employers should be aware that they too must still comply with any procedures in place before taking action. Discussion with line managers ahead of time is the best strategy.

In order to ensure that productivity does not grind to a halt during a gripping match, you may choose to disseminate the relevant policies regarding internet and social media usage during working hours ahead of time as a refresher.

Even though Scotland didn’t make it…

With three Home Nations in Euro 2016, employers should be careful not to risk a claim of discrimination on grounds of nationality. Allowing Welsh employees to leave work early to catch the 5pm kick-off against Slovakia but refusing to extend the same treatment to Slovakian employees will leave you wide open. Additionally, all claims of harassment or racism must be dealt with in line with company procedures, failing which, the governing legislation.

Flexibility and Extra Time

An excellent manager knows where to allocate their players and when. Here are some ways in which an employer can generate goodwill amongst a workforce in the coming months:

• Employees may swap shifts with permission
• Flexible hours – allow staff to come in early so they can catch that 5pm kick-off
• Allow the radio or television to be on if operational needs allow
• Company events such as match screenings or staff nights out

Approve all requests in advance and remember, “Consistency, Consistency, Consistency”.

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