Love it or loath it, DIY has become a national obsession!!

There are currently over 7 million homes in the UK with unfinished DIY projects… Are you one of them?

But the good news is that Scottish homes are the least likely to suffer!

At best, DIY can be cheap, creative and lots of fun. At worst, it can be downright frustrating. There is nothing worse than returning home after a hard day’s work to be met with the dreaded DIY project screaming at you” ♫ Come back and finish what you started ♫ “!

Before you start, you should consider that most DIY projects take over 2 years to complete with 1 in 6 calling in the professionals to complete the job, costing you time, money and not to mention the heartache.

Before you tackle the DIY..think long and hard:

Do I have the skills and am I capable of completing this project?
Do I realistically have the time?
Do I have the tools readily available?
What will it cost if I do this myself compared to the cost of paying a professional?
Do I have any family/friends/tradesmen who can help/advise?

As the better weather and brighter nights roll in, it’s a good time to consider DIY, but always start with the smaller projects first. Putting up a shelf can be major for some! Once you have finished the smaller projects then you can turn your attention to the “unfinished” projects you started last year!

Always remember Health & Safety and keep a packet of Band Aids handy!

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