Christmas Parties – Tis the season…to bring an Employment Tribunal Claim?

With Christmas party season fast approaching beware of behaviour which can leave an employer with more than just a festive hangover.

Many believe that what happens at a Christmas party should stay at a Christmas party.  However, where an organised party is held outwith work hours there is still scope for employers and employees to be bound by the expectations of conduct that would normally be in place in their workplace.

With some of the useful tips below you need not be the Grinch that stole Christmas:-


  1. Make sure that your employees know what behaviour is expected of them. At work events ordinary disciplinary rules and behaviour are still expected of staff. A brief reminder by way of announcement may be appropriate.


  1. If there are any allegations arising from the Christmas party, employers should take any such allegations seriously and remember to follow the usual disciplinary process, ensuring that there is a thorough investigation before any action is taken. It is better to deal with disciplinary action in the cold light of day rather than at the party itself.


  1. Employers should at least consider having a Senior Manager present who volunteers to remain in control just in case things get out of hand.


Remember that in the festive period such parties can provide a significant boost to morale and loyalty and as such they are a valuable way of letting staff relax into the holiday period.

Merry Christmas from the Employment Team.

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