Agricultural Law Review

Agricultural Law Review

Agricultural Law Review – The Agricultural Holdings Legislation Review Group have just published their interim report.  The Review Group was set up by the Scottish Government to identify changes in agricultural holdings legislation that will assist the Scottish Government in achieving its vision of a dynamic Scottish tenant farming sector.

The Review Group will consider the information gathered from the Tenant and Landlord Surveys with a view to publishing these later in 2014.

The interim report identifies the obstacles that remain to achieving a more vibrant farming sector, despite the passing Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Act 2003 just over a decade ago.  The report has identified the following issues as areas where legislative reform is required:-

  •  Rent and Rent Reviews;
  • Investment;
  • Improvement, Compensation and Waygo claims;
  • Retirement and the release of more land;
  • Succession to and assignation of secure “1991 Act” tenancies.

Amongst the issues to be considered is whether there should be an extension of the “Right to Buy”, which was introduced by the 2003 Act.

More information on the interim report can be found at

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