Irene Walker

Irene Walker


Irene Walker

Department: Corporate & Commercial

Position: Assistant Solicitor

Joined Mac & Mac: December 2016.

Areas of law: Commercial leasing, commercial security work, buying and selling commercial properties and businesses and renewable energy


Having graduated from the University of Dundee with a Degree in Scottish & English law, Irene chose to practise in Scotland and moved to Inverness in 2001 where she has worked as a solicitor ever since. Irene joined Macleod & MacCallum in December 2016 and specialises in commercial property transactions particularly commercial leasing and buying and selling of businesses. Irene is married with 3 daughters, two of whom are grown up and claims she has no spare time as she has a 4 year old, 3 dogs, an allotment and a husband who works offshore for half of the year!